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B - X
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This is a demo for an in-development game, "How Did I Get Up Here?!" made with Chris Maltby's GBStudio. It doesn't go particularly far, but shows a some of the ideas I've been working with. It'd be great to have some folks try it out and, as it's a more or less open game, it'd be awesome if anyone would be willing to take video of their playthrough. Please let me know if you find any bugs/errors/weird stuff. Thanks for checking it out!

You can play in browser, or the downloadable file is a Gameboy rom, and should work with any Gameboy emulator.

Published 26 days ago
StatusIn development


Download 1 MB


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Fun, quirky, and the characters are super likable! 

Fun! And the graphics are great

Wow, that was very good! Thank you! Looking forward to the complete game!

Thank you for the kind words! I'm looking forward to it, too!